Our vision is:

— to become a leading SME integrator in the field of electric power in SEE and ME and to gain a steady position in the EU market

HELB employs high-quality experts, who, through their hard work, create a new level of quality and rise to the challenge of the development of new technologies and the community as a whole. The company offers reliability, good communication, promptness and flexibility in managing and solving both simple and most complicated projects in the following fields:

— renewable and alternative energy sources 
— production, transmission and distribution of electric power 
— energy industry, automation and control in the industry 
— reconstruction and maintenance of electric power systems 
— sustainability and efficiency of systems

Since its beginning in 1990, the company has been performing electrical works at all voltage levels as its core business. The works are performed by trained staff and according to all legal regulations in force. A special attention is paid to monitoring of the quality of works at every stage, testing the characteristics of the equipment and the functionality of systems and to all related documentation. Along with experienced electrical fitters, a team of top testing and commissioning engineers, project managers and project designers has been created through more and more demanding projects. The company constantly invests in new tools, equipment and technologies, as well as the education of its employees.

Our Mission is to nurture and grow following the virtues of exceptional professionalism, spirit of togetherness and social responsibility.

With exceptional professionalism we always exceed our customers' expectations by increasing their productivity and competitiveness and by making sure that working with us is always a pleasure.

Through the spirit of togetherness and our dedication to continuous improvement, we create positive working atmosphere and environment in which exceptional results are encouraged, recognized and rewarded.

With our socially responsible behaviour we have become a role model for others in sustainable community development.

The purpose of the company is to provide its customers with reliable supply of electric power and safe operation of industrial plants and other devices, as well as to ensure the safety of their workers. This is achieved through the development, design and production of electrical equipment and through the installation and testing and commissioning of electrical switchgears. The company has gained advantage over its competitors through a high standard and satisfaction of its employees and through a good communication with our partners and within the company. Also, along core business, the company is looking for new directions in its development. The quality of work is reflected in detailed technical preparations, planning and implementation of projects,

control over the performance of the works and control of costs. The company is based on principals of tolerance, understanding, respect for profession and humanity. Showing respect for the local legislature and values, the company leaves a permanent mark on the community. The values fostered in the company are not solely based on profitability. On the contrary, the development and coexistence of the company with wider community are just as important. More precisely, this implies the company's contribution to the quality and development of each employee, so that they can, through their work, contribute to the development of their families and also the local community. The combination of new technologies and fast living requires extreme flexibility and effort in all segments of the community.

To provide our partners with:

— high-quality, continuous, sustainable and efficient supply of electric power
— safety and reliability of production and business systems, as well as employees

Accomplish goals through:

— development and design of electrical systems and products
— production of electrical products and devices
— delivery and installation of electrical equipment
— testing and commissioning of electrical switchgears, automation systems and systems used in explosive atmospheres

— maintenance and improvement of electrical systems
— care about safety at work, legal requirements and environmental protection