The Siemens Megaproject contract was completed at half of the scheduled time

The final part of HELB's engagement with the Egypt Megaproject

Upon completion of works at the last Samanoud station with 10 single-phase 167MVA transformers, HELB will end its engagement with the Egypt Megaproject as a Siemens subcontractor. The investor for this two-year project is the Egyptian government. It is the largest project in Siemens's history, and HELB supervised the installation of the block transformers of Končar KPT generators at three major power plants (at Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus) with installed power of 14.4 GW. Six 500/220 KV stations, with installation supervision, also included testing. There were 12 generator three-phase 485 MVA transformers in total, as well as 7 single-phase 250MVA and 34 single-phase 167MVA transformers.

At Abu El Matamir Station, HELB's expert supervised the installation of 10 transformers in a record amount of time. The time frame for executing works of this type is 70 days (7 days per transformer), but in this case, the complete work was done in only 34 working days. Along with great compliments from the site manager, project manager and team leader, praises also came from the chief executive of Siemens Cairo.
For Egypt Megaproject Končar KPT has delivered a total of 63 power transformers, 12 generators and 51 network transformers in 500/220 KV cells.