The published results of research of the latest technology!

With 8 Strongest Players!

HELB conducts two-year research project "Advanced Drilling Process Management Systems for hydrocarbon exploration" in cooperation with the FSB (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture). The publication of results has drawn big interest in professional circles. This is the project focusing on systems for automatic drilling and damping of oscillatory vibration drilling tools, presented at the 9th International Conference on Petroleum, Gas and Primary Power 2017 in Šibenik. Being Croatian manufacturer, HELB has positioned itself as one of the eight strongest global players (the others are from the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands) in the area of retrofitting drilling solutions.

The results are based on cooperation with the FSB and co-financed by HAMAG BICRO's agency, including state-of-the-art control of Top Drives, Mud Pumps and Draworks, as well as retrofitting options based on the servo-control system. The above mentioned research results and new technology make it possible for drilling companies to significantly improve the WoB and RoP parameters.

The whole work from Danijela Pavković and Mihael Cipek  from FSB, as well as Pavle Šprljan and Goran Jurišić from HELB, entitled "Some recent results of automated drilling and torsional vibration active damping r & d aimed at mature drilling systems retrofitting" can be found at link.