HELB is supervising the first windmill in Montenegro

Management and control over 72 MW wind power plant

After the completion of the 72 MW wind farm Krnovo and its associated substations TS Krnovo and TS Brezna in Montenegro, HELB was hired by Krnovo Green Energy d.o.o. to perform a detailed examination of the works performed and the documentation provided during the preparation of the facility for the technical inspection. During this time, HELB's experts have successfully participated in the commissioning of TS Krnovo and TS Brezna. After successful connection of the TS Krnovo to the distribution network, HELB took over the management and supervision of the power engineering segment of the Wind Farm. It is about the management and supervision of 33/110 kV transformer station Krnovo, (220) 110/35 / 10kV Brezna transformer station, engineering consulting, full-day (0-24h) standby as well as coordination services on facilities. At TS Brezna, HELB, with the subcontractors, provides a permanent crew.

Otherwise, HELB is at the end of negotiations to get the contract on management and maintenance of TS Krnovo. That is a confirmation of the work well done and the natural continuation of the quality business cooperation.

The project was initiated by Akuo Energy SAS, based in Paris. They are the developer and operator of several Renewable Energy Resource projects globally and manage total of 20 windmills around the world.
Key contractors are renowned companies such as GE (wind turbine delivery), Siemens (transformer stations and power lines) and construction company Porr for road building and other power plant infrastructure.
VP Krnovo is the first wind power plant in Montenegro and is one of the largest in this part of Europe. In terms of contribution to the regional economy and the application of best business practices, VP Krnovo has been developed and built according to the highest social and environmental standards set by the World Bank. More about other projects of Akuo Energy can be found on the link.