Solar power plants production is globally the fastest growing source of energy

Additional 5 HELB's installers for photovoltaic systems were certified in the OIE and Energy Electronics Center. We remind you, being among the first in Croatia to enter the business of solar plants, experienced HELB electricians have completed training organized within the European project PVTRIN Training and Certification of Photovoltaic Installers in Europe.

Installers have gained skills in dimensioning, installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems, learned about solar radiation, safety at work and legal frameworks and standards. The current availability of skilled labor does not adequately follow the market growth, so investment in installer expertise raises the safety of photovoltaic systems and responds to market demands.

In addition to this, the trend of solar power generation is growing globally, and lower energy storage costs could help in the electrification of more than 500 million people around the world by 2030, with right politics and investment of $ 220 billion. For example, in Spain, the newly installed solar power will have a growth of 1600% this year, and installation of 4400 MW of solar energy is anticipated by the end of the year. 

According to the World's Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in the global system, 171 GW of renewable energy was added in 2018. 84% came from wind and sun. Solar energy had the highest growth that year, 94 GW and most solar systems were installed in Asia. For the first time, renewable energy sources have lower production costs than fossil fuels.