A failure can occur almost anywhere in your system. Apart from creating unsafe situations, outages can also be a threat to your business process. Therefore, with proper management and maintenance of any electrical system or infrastructure, we can make a dramatic difference in your system reliability by preventing unexpected failures and subsequent excessive cost of emergency repair.

HELB guarantees the safety and continuous operation of your business. Whether you need regular servicing for proper operation of equipment or interventional repair of faults, HELB reduces total system maintenance costs in compliance with all legally required technical and safety regulations.

Some activities that we conduct during our management and maintenance process are:

— Facility management
— 24/7 interventional availability
— Preventive periodical infrared thermographic inspections
— Annual overhaul of apparatus and plants
— Maintenance of electrical plants
— Relay protection testing
— Diagnostic testing of power transformers
— Testing of earthing system
— Maintenance of lightning protection installation
— Electrical installation testing

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