In Ukraine with equipment for subarctic conditions

Delivery and drilling works at -40 °C !

In Ukraine, the preparation of the EMSCO 605 drilling plant for CROSCO has just begun. It is about investigative drilling work with Ukraninian state company UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV) Pjsc, one of Ukraine's largest oil and gas exploration companies.

HELB's job consists in replacing: MCC (Motor Control Unit) connector and connecting board, drilling plant's cables and connectors, cooling units in PCR (Power Control Room), complete lighting on the drill facility and the delivery of complete equipment. In addition, scope of working activities also includes testing of switches with primary injecting of current as well as testing of the PCR's and MCC's bus system crossover resistance.
Significantly, all embedded flexing cables, connectors and external LEDs are designed for operation under subarctic conditions, i.e. temperatures down to -40 °C.

"With the development of main and detailed design project for the reconstruction of drilling rig lighting, including lighting technical calculation and the installation and commissioning of new LED lighting fixtures, one of the major challenges is to lay nearly 30 km of cables in a short time, connect, functionally test and put into operation. With regard to HELB's experience, our well-equipped team of 16 people, working with colleagues from CROSCO, will do this within the given deadline", said Goran Bibić, project manager.