Egypt Megaproject with Siemens

At the biggest gas-fired combined-cycle power plants in the world

The installation supervision of eight power transformers in Egypt for Siemens AG is successfully completed. This is only a part of the contract to supervise the installation of twelve 485 MVA KPT power transformers at Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus. HELB support enables transformer manufacturers to remain focused on the development of their core strengths and business.


27 years of experience in design and construction of energy infrastructure objects and plants at voltage levels up to 400 kV has propelled HELB as a trusted on-site transformer installation provider. Since HELB knows the installation process to the slightest detail, it is now a desirable partner for the supervision of power transformer installation, especially for those projects where the investor engages local workforce.


On-site transformer installation is a critical process, entailing various types of risk, from security through administrative to organisational and technical risks. In some parts of the world today, ensuring employee security can be a challenge and doing business in such regions requires exceptional local connections and intercultural skills. Technical preparations have to ensure that people working on site possess all the knowledge, know the methods, and have the control over processes required to finalize the operations. For more information about how to ensure energizing of all the devices and systems installed on the transformer, about production of transformer cabinets and  installation supervision of power transformers please have a look at the newest Transformer Magazine Article.