HELB Ltd. engineering for your energy infrastructures. We offer a complete service in all stages of your facility deployment through Design, Production, Plant construction, Management and Maintenance, Site testing and commissioning.

We guarantee the safe and continuous operation of your business, as we leave no problems behind. Our customer oriented approach is written in the foundation of our company, our products and solutions are tailored to your needs. Our experienced technicians and engineers are at your service whether you are involved in production, transmission or distribution of electric energy, or have functional industrial facilities or have specific request in Oil and Gas industry.

Why do customers come back to us and recommend us?

— We put extreme effort into finding the best possible solutions in the shortest possible time to provide our customers with a complete service according to their requirements, 

— We continually invest in the education which resulted in motivated, innovative and team-work oriented employees who are aware of their personal and collective responsibility,

— We are very rigid with and we unconditionally respect standards and rules of the profession,

— We believe that striving towards benefit for all parties involved results in making of long-term partnerships.